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   Recommended Packages by Responsibility

  * Pricing Per Element Basic DOT Basic DOT Criminal Basic DOT Enhanced
Previous Record of Employment (PRE) Emplyoment History Verification database - If an employment history record is obtained from the DriverIQ PRE database the charge will be $5.00 for each record. $5.00
MVR - Motor Vechicle Record. $5.50
CDLIS - Commerical Drivers License Information System Report
A pointer record of the current CDL held and the 3 most previously held CDLs
Supplemental Criminal Record Database Check* - Proprietry Database of current & historical arrest, felony, misdemeanor, conviction, fugitive, absconder & probation records of offenders $5.50    
Felony / Misdemeanor* - Includes at a minimum, a seven (7) year search for felonies and misdemeanors $16.00  
SSN Trace - Includes standard check conducted through non-trade databases $6.00
FMCSA PSP - A pass through link which provides electronic access to a driver's crash and inspection history from the FMCSA Motor Carrier Managemetn Information System (MCMIS) $3.00      
Criminal History Checks:
Some states limit the number of years convictions are reportable; and EEOC guidelines and many state laws require that the employer be able to show that a conviction is recent enough, serious enough and job related before taking adverse action based on criminal history information. Also, employers should be aware that the Fair Credit Reporting Act will apply to background reports which gives candidates specific rights and imposes specific duties on employers. Driver iQ recommends that employers consult with legal counsel to ensure compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws when using background reports.
*Plus applicable government, third party access fees.
Prices above do not include statutory access fees, which are displayed when an order is placed.